God is moving!!!!

God has been moving in my school. Several people have been saved within three days!!!! Amen!!!! Below is a list of the people who got saved, the dates that they were saved, and what grade they are in.

Addie- Oct 3/ 9th

Ashton- Oct 3/ 9th

Saddler- Oct 3/ 9th

Davis- Oct 1/ 8th

Dusty- Oct 1/ 8th

Kenny- Oct 1/ 8th

Jacob- Oct 2/ 8th

Rustan- Oct 1/ 8th

Barry- Oct 2/ 7th

Derek- Oct 2/ 7th

Grayson- Oct 2/ 7th

Hannae- Oct 2/ 7th

Jennifer- Oct 2/ 7th

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

   Have you seen the movie "The Wizard of Oz" ?  It's an old movie. Well, it refelcts kinda our faith.  Below is a list of what reflects what.

The yellow brick road = our walk with God

Dorthy = you and me

The munchkins = Christian friends

The red brick road = the unsaved walk

The lion and the scarcrow = people who you bring to Christ

     Ok. Now that you know what reflects what, I will go on. When Dorthy takes those first three steps on the yellow brick (we will talk about those steps later on), the munchkins surround her and they all are chanting "Follow the yellow brick road". You should surround yourself with good Christian friends (the munchkins) that encourage you on your walk with God (the yellow brick road). You will take the first steps on either the yellow brick road or the red brick road. The first steps on the yellow brick road are simple sounding but take a life time to ackomplish.

     The first step on the yellow brick road is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, to love Him and believe that God sent His Son to die on the cross. The second step is to learn about Him. You can do this by going to church, being with good Christian people who you can learn from, and surrounding yourself with godly things (i.e. books, tv shows, music, ect.). The third step and all steps the follow it is to spread the word of God, bring people along on the yellow brick road, and put your life to work for God. Be Dorthy and bring along the lion and the scarcrow. Bring as many people as you can to Christ. Bring them along for the journey on the walk with God.

    With that said I would like to take the time to encouragr you to take those steps on the yellow brick road. If you haven't taken that important first step, then go to your youth leader, pastor, parents, or anyone you know that has a personal relationship with God (for it is not about the do's and don't's, it is about a personal relationship with God as your Lord and Savior). So I leave you with this, please follow the yellow brick road.

                                                                                          - Sarah