Prayer Line

        This is a page on people or places that need prayer. I have things on here that I need you to pray for, but you can put stuff on here that you want me or anybody to pray about. There is a post that has 'Prayer Line' as a title. You put down what you want prayer for and I'll try to put it on this page as fast as posible.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."    James 1:27a

Annet Molesi

She is an African born August 12, 1998 in the coutry of Malawi. We support her through World Vision. She has a younger sister, Herodian. She lives in a mud house and it is surrounded by natural trees and mountains. She likes playing netball with friends.

    Please pray that Annet will be safe, healthy, for provision, and for good, Christian influences. And, also, that God will work in her life and in the people around her.

Eben Ardoni Gili

He is an Indonesian born December 3, 1997 in the town of Menggit Timbi (east of Waingapu). He likes to be called Doni. Doni lives with his father and his father. He is responsible for gathering firewood, running errands, and cleaning. His father and mother are sometimes employed as framers. There are 2 children in the family.

Soccer, playing with marbles, and bicycling are Doni's favorite activities. In primary school his, performance is average and he is also regularly attends church activities.

    Please remember Doni in your prayers to keep his faith in Christ, provision, heath, and good conduct.


Zachariah is the 3rd son of a family who's father(Andrzei Mirga) is the spiritual leader of a Roma clan in Szaflary, Poland. Andrzei and his wife (Ola) teach God's Word and work with teaching all the children to read and write in their village.and Andrzei's and Ola's first son died of lung cancer, and their second was born dead. Both died before their second birthday. Zachariah is, sadly, diegnosed with the same disease and is feared to die. He is just a baby. Not more than one or two... I think. Pray that their son, Zachariah, would be healed. Please also pray that this couple would remain strong in their faith and that everyone in the Szaflary village will be saved and know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sarah's Prayer Request  (a site visitor)

Sarah would like you to pray for her family and for great days ahead for people all around the world.

To elaborate on Sarah's request, please pray for the military in Iraq that risk their lives everyday for liberty and freedom. Pray also for families in undevlouped countries that they would recieve the pysical and spiritual help that they need.