Here are some pictures that I thought that you you might want to see!

 Brother & Sister stay together.

Not Minurva's best look. Though Solomon looks good. They are brother and sister, but aren't twins. I think that they are a couple of months apart. They remind me of Maggie and Joe. Solomon being Maggie, and Minurva being Joe. Don't you think that they look alike except for the fact that they are totaly different species?!?

Rosie and Diamond, awwwww!!!

 Rosie and Diamond were my first goats. I got them as a birthday gift from my parents. I think they are two or three or maybe four years old. I am not sure!!!

Why do I always have to look UP to everyone?

This is a Rosie close up!  Look how CUTE she is!!! Aaaawww!  Rosie is a pygmy goat.

Why can't you come down here again?!?

Diamond is soooooo CUTE!!!!!! Her eye looks a little grayish because she had pink eye a while back. Poor Diamond!!!! Diamond is Rosie's twin sister, so she is a pygmy goat, too.

This is my good side. *contented sigh*

Aaaaawwwwww!!!!!! Stormy is such a cutie pie!!! She is two years old in May of 08.

What 'cha doing??

Minurva is so sweet. When she was little, I had to bottle feed her. All of the other goats pick on her because they are jellous that I spent time with her when I was bottle feeding her.

Come back later, please.

Solomon is a little shy..........KIDING!!!! You can't see them, but he has little, tiny buds on top of his head. The buds are the remains of his horns that were taken off when he was little goat. Solomon is a wither.

Lick her hand plus my cuteness will surley get me a treat!!!

Moose is sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!  He likes to think and act that he is bigger, badder, and better than Maggie and Joe. I have had him ever since I was about five years old. He is my first pet.

Can I chase 'em now? How 'bout now? Huh, huh, HUH!!!!!

Maggie is a hyperactive yet very loveable mutt. We got her at the ag and vet store. The owner's daughter found the mother and all of the pups on a location site. The mother was almost dead and so were the pups. The owners took the dogs in, healed them, and tried to sell them. The mother dog was looked like a lab, but the puppies were mixed. We think pit bull, some kind of collie, and lab. We went in for one dog and came out with two dogs. Maggie loves to chase or 'herd' the goats. Even when she isn't supposed to!!!!

Pet me, please. Pet me, pet me, pet me, PLEASE!

Joe is a overly sweet dog. He ALWAYS wants to be petted and loved. He wants to be by your side, and he wants to please you especially if it means that he is going to be petted. He is Maggie's brother.

Ugh, what have you done to me!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy is giving Stormy a spring shave. She didn't like it one bit. She has, excuse me, had a thick, heavy fur coat that she gets in winter to keep her warm. However, when the warm weather comes in, she rubs sores on herself. We don't want that for Stormy so we shave her and brush her and give her the occational bath too.

Brother 'n' Sister, side by side!!!!

Joe and Maggie are brother and sister from the same liter. Kinda hard to see, huh? These dogs are the best dogs EVER!!!!

Oh my goodness! I am a furry-bottomed freak!!!

We were shaving Stormy. It took two days, three clippers, and a test of Dad's patcience. lol

Let us in!!!!

The two black dogs in each french door window, begging, begging to be let in...pathetic. These two never  give up. They always want into the house. Moose is to the right and Joe is to the left. 

Take me in!!!

This is a stray pup that we saw on 4th on July of 07.Mom, Dad,my Brother went on a walk and there was this brown puppy (above) and this white puppy were following them and Mom didn't want to see them get run over. So we took them to our house, bathed them clean, de-fleaed 'em, and tried to give them good homes. This brown pup (we think) was part terrier and something else, we don't know. This was my favorite one, and I almost cried when we had to give him away to some family in Fort Worth. I didn't know them, but they worked for Dad. I trusted Dad. I miss him terribly. He was not the smartest pup around.

Hey,  what's that?

This is the other pup that we found along with the brown pup. We think that she has  some border collie  and something else that we  can't  identitify. Unlike the brown  puppy, this puppy is smart! We have bars that keep our dogs inside our side yard. She sticks her head  between each pole uuntill she comes across  one that her  head  will fit through. This is  unlike the brown pup who tries once  really hard and then, if it  doesn't  work,  gives  up. When we found this puppy, the white on her coat was so  dirty that it was yellow on the edges. She was sweet, but we had  to get rid of  her, too. She found a home with a  collage student. I miss her also.  

Rock-a-by baby in the tree top...

This is a baby Eastern Bluebird with two eggs. We set up an Eastern Bluebird house for the Mother and Father. This is the second nest of babies this year (08). This speices of bird are making a come back with the help of residential people putting up houses specifically made for the Eastern Bluebird. The population of these pretty bird declined dangerously low to the mid- 1990s. And now, because bird lovers and enviromentilists have put up Eastern Bluebird houses and watched to keep House Sparrows and European Starlings out of their nest, they are still here today to show off their beautiful plumage. So please set up a Eastern Bluebird House today!!!