There are some sites that you should

very much so see and visit!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Here they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 BY RACHEL . This is a wonderful site. Visit this site asap (as soon as possible). Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! is site the site for ANY music fan!!! Visit it!!!

BY ELLIE . This is a site built by a friend from New Mexico. I met her in Glorieta, a baptist camp in New Mexico. CHECK THIS SITE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

By Callie . This site is made by my friend Callie!!!! She is my freind from school. She is totally cool. THIS SITE IS A MUST SEE (DEFINATELY DURING SUMMER)!!!!

By godlygirl101
 . This is a good Christian site where you can just hang out!!! You must check out this web site!!! However, I must warn you, if you go to this site, BE PREPARED FOR A GLITTER SHOCK!!! lol