Get as many of your friends as possilble to visit this site on March the 5th. If you do, you will be the first to see my NEW animal! What is it? and what it's name? You'll have to find out! Good luck!!!


This space is for all the people who have visited my vist. NEW RECORD!!!! On November 27, 2008, 90 or so people visited my site on that day!!!!! THX!!!!

About Me

My name is Sarah, and I love animals. My b-day is December 7,1994, and I live in Texas, the coolest state EVER!!! I live in a family of four: my bro, Jonathan, my mom, Susan, and my dad, Scott. I am a born again Christian, and my church is NCC (New Covenant Church) pastored by my uncle, Uncle Chuck. The church was previsiouly known as Church on the Rock. I have been playing the violin for 3 years, and I am in a beginer orkestra called Project String Power. And I love camps. A camp that I absolutely LOVE is Brookhill Ranch camp in Arkansas. It is a MUST GO TO! I love to laugh and smile. Christmas and New Years Day are my favorite holidays. There is so much hustle and bustle and gift buying and giving (and recieving lol) and being with the ones you love.

Our Animals


We have eight wonderful animals. I own a miniature horse named Stormy, two pygmy goats called Rosie and Diamond, two nigerian dwarf goats named Minurva, Solomon, and an old mutt named Moose. Mom has a spotted mutt named Maggie. My brother has a black mutt named Joe. Joe is the brother to Maggie, Rosie and Diamond are twin sisters, and Minurva and Solomon are brother and sister. We love them dearly.