You can tell me what you did today or a few days ago!!!!

Prayer Line 07/07/2008

Prayer Line!!!

Help!!! 06/01/2008

I need your advice!!! What do you want on this web site???

Micsalaneous 04/11/2008

You can put anything on this post. From summer vacation to, well, anything!!!!!!!!!!  Have fun and be nice. Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you (or someone you know)ever have an unpleasent encounter with a wild animal? Did  you (or someone you know) get hurt? I want to hear about it.

Animal Survay 03/29/2008

Hey, I would like to see how many pets you have. However, if you raise cattle to sell, that doesn't count. Pets, not "money making animals".

Regulations 03/29/2008

   Hi, this is my blog. Feel free to write to me, or anyone you want!!!!