I need your advice!!! What do you want on this web site???



Stevi Clement
06/15/2008 08:46

hey girl
on this website i think id like to know a lil bit more about you. =] idk you might have some on there but all ive been to so far is the pics and the home. haha i saw the blog part and i was like AHHH i have to go there right now so here i am! i am already missin you and i hope to see you again soon

06/15/2008 11:05

Hey Stevi!!! I think I'll just do that idea. I can't wait to see you again next year!!! I hope that the rest of the campers will be swell!!! lol I am missing you too!!! A lot. Love you!!!

07/13/2008 15:14

blogs are usualy about yourself and things you did that day or what is happening around the farm/home.

I seriously need to update my blogspot blog (yah and the one on my website)

but that is what blogs usually include.

I hope it gives you some ideas

07/14/2008 01:53

Thank you Stacey for the ideas!!!! And for coming to my site!!!! I really apprieciate it. THANKS!!!!!!

For people who didn't know, click on a hightled name and it'll bring you to that person's website (I just figured that out today)lol

07/18/2008 11:55

Heyy!!Uhmm help??WEll i dunno but did you know you can put music on your website you have to drag it from whatever music player you have onto what ever page you want it that's our help to you...but have your people check out our website it's advice and you can read about us & everything its really cool & theres this other girls website that people should also check out here it is...

and heres our website...



07/22/2008 13:13

An excellent site; so well put together, and only 13; God has truly blessed you with great talent. No wonder you love animals: is that a farm, ranch, or zoo that you live on? It's beautiful, so are your pictures.

I want to make one point where you just might get criticism concerning your essay: your second sentence needs updating. Gen.1:31 creation took 6 days; 2:2 God rested on the seventh. other thab that it's a very thought provoking piece.

Like all scientific (and medical) theories time and technology make new discoveries that punch holes in old theories, and rethinking becomes necessary, but evolution is like a religion; people do not readily give up their treasured beliefs; even when the truth is staring them in the face. Evolutionists are blind. Only one with spiritual insight can see the faulty human thinking; the evolution theory is as off the wall as pagan mythology.

Just don't let yourself get caught in arguing over this, it's as touchy as the abortion issue; some will benefit from what you wrote, others will fight you every step of the way. You published your belief, now let the Holy Spirit use it to touch those who are ready to consider the truth; don't worry about those who refuse to listen.

You will be able to minister wisdom to some comments by those with a real spiritual hunger, you will recognize the difference by the tone of the comment.

God Bless you, and have a great summer.

07/23/2008 15:15

Hey Ann&&Alex!!!
Thanks for visiting my site!!! Sooooooo sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I have been very busy with family. I will definatly try putting music on the site. I have been trying to put something like that on the site. Thank you times a ton!!! I went to your site as well as your friend's site. Both are cooooool!!! Come back soon!!!

07/23/2008 20:27

Hey p-dyson!!!
That was a wonderful uplifter. Thank you. I will try to find and address the problem in... the... er... where is it? I looked but I couldn't find it. Please give me more details and I will fix the error. I can see some contretversey on that. Thank you and I am sorry that I didn't get back to you.

I tried to get to your website by clicking on your highlighted name and I couldn't get to it at all. Please type it in the next time you blog me. Thank you.

I greatly appreciated your naritive on it. It was really cool!!!

Got to go now and thank you for visiting my site!!!

10/19/2008 16:09

i told you once now i'm telling you again your website is great you promote mine and i'll promote urs 'kay?
in times like thes we have to help each other so you scratch my back and i'll scratch urs. oh what is your name: sarah?
you'll be in my hall of fame; coming soon.

10/19/2008 18:35

Hello godlygirl101!!!

Thank you. I like your website also.
Yeah, I'll promote your site. Just keep it clean, which I am sure that you can. lol Yes, that is my name. I'll be looking forward to the hall of fame.

12/02/2008 08:48

Hey, love the website! Nice to see other Christian websites out there. :)

12/02/2008 14:57

Thank you Nicole! I really appreciate that. Tell your friends about this site and come again!!!

01/03/2009 19:49

Hey Sarah this is ur friend Callie PLEASE pray for my friend Alden he had a hurnia ( idk how to sell it)


01/03/2009 19:50

Lol i ment spell it

10/15/2010 01:54

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